NC General Liability Insurance

Although you go through efforts to ensure your work environment is safe, general liability for accidents and incidents are still out of your control.


Commercial general liability insurance covers a wide range of liability exposures, generally grouped under premises and operations liability, products and completed operations liability, and liability for various intentional torts. There are currently two types of policy triggers which generate coverage: claims made and occurrence. 

Before purchasing general liability, be sure to understand the difference and how they operate. Policies provide a limit of coverage and some include the defense costs within those limits. Other areas to consider are: duty to defend, aggregate limits, contractual liability, fire legal liability and pollution exposures.

North Carolina General Liability Insurance may protect your business by providing coverage in the event of:
  • accidents or injuries that occur onsite
  • liability issues that require medical attention
  • damages from a good or service sold onsite
  • fire, theft & vandalism
  • lawsuits (including defense, court cost & attorney fees)